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How Did WAR Become Normal?

I spent the morning following some of the stories on the news. WAR. War is one of the primary points that is being reported on.

Many of which are a result of religion that have created divides among people and races to the point where war is then used as a point of ethnic cleansing where one group attempt to claim prowess over another by simply killing them off. That is one Motivation for War. There are others as well – such as Money.

I have never read the bible. Christianity would be the religion that is closest to me, so if I were to have taken on a religion it would have been Christianity from the perspective of the religion that my family and environment would have embraced as their religion and thus so to me.

I saw this common sense point however – That one should not require a Book to tell them “what is right and what is wrong” and how one is supposed to live. It simply did not make sense as it was not fair because what if for some reason I did not have access to that book? How is that fair? Than I would be fucked – How could the all mighty God fail to consider such a simplistic practical point – How am I supposed to follow a God that miss such a simplistic common sense point that a kid can see?

If religion was in fact real and true than it would be an immediate point of accessibility to all.

Religion is strange because it implies that we are not able to live without reading instructions from a book? Why then just not give us the knowledge to begin with instead of first having to learn the a language and then get the book and read it – There is just way to much room for error in this equation. What if I make a mistake and fuck up my life before I have time to read the bible – Who’s fault is that? Mine?

What about animals? They can’t read – so then what religion are they – How do they know how to act the right way or learn what god is? What religion is my doG?

So yes, I never was directly indoctrinated into a particular religion though I see the point of religion being obviously deeply embedded into culture so that in ones normal daily living they are actually being  conditioned within religion.

I do understand that religion and the whole idea of god is much more deeply engrained into a being’s normal daily life, and also that to be religions does not in fact require one to read some holy book.

A religion is just an elaborate belief system.

Thus any belief system is form of religion

Believing that one sport is better and more important than another is a religion

Believing that your values within your peer group are more important than others is a religion

Having a core set of Family Values is a religion

Mac or PC

Coke or Pepsi

Religion is simply a more elaborate belief structure.

Any type of  value-sets you have decided to believe are right or wrong is in essence the same point as believing in a religion – as a religion is a set of values that is laid out for you in a book in a very specific way.

People have arguments with each other based on “difference of opinion” The same as we have Wars based on religion which is just a “difference of opinion.”

Like “I believe I have the right to kill you so that I can have your resources!” – obviously this would lead to a difference of opinion in the matter.

It is absurd that there can be any valid reason for us to justify harming another life form as acceptable.

This whole point of WAR is strange because it is accepted as a normal function of existence – That there must be war, that it is who we are. This from my perspective is massive psychological disorder – It does not make sense to me to even continue existing as a race within the context of WAR, seeing as how to have such a point of WAR is showing that we are not Living anyways but that we are Killing, and heading in the direction of our eventual total self annihilation.

Killing is NOT normal

Harming another life form is not Normal.

What we currently accept as Normal is Not Normal.

To End all Wars seems so common sensical yet at the same time a point which many laugh at  – Even within myself it feels like a lofty idea – But that is bullshit because I also see that to accept anything less than that implies a point of self accepted limitation and an acceptance of myself as a living expression of life that believes that I must exist in a state of constant self abuse and self affliction of pain. Because that is what war is – It is a kind of self imposed turmoil and torture of self – To live that way is to exist as/in one’s own living Hell. Why would we settle on an existence such as this?

The Common Sense to end ALL War is simply too Substantial to take any other position but to walk the process of stopping all war. Obviously this starts with self and the investigation of self to determine see how WAR exist within and as self. And take on the point of stopping and Correcting all aspects of how one individually participate and exist within the point of War within/towards self and others, ensuring that ones expression in no way harms self or another. This will be the foundation of how to then take on / support the point of ending all wars within our world.


This is what we are busy doing at Desteni. And this is what the Desteni I Process is for – To assist and support oneself to become aware of oneself and how one is actually creating oneself and this world and everything within it including war.

We are also proposing the implementation of an Equal Money System as a foundation of a  world system that is based on equality so that the very system we have of managing our relationships and  interactions with each other in this world is not based on competition and winning which is what capitalism is currently based on.

Thus An Equal Money System will provide an effective platform for ourselves as Humanity to walk the process we require to walk to correct ourselves into living expressions that honour each other and honour life.








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"THE COVE" Dolphin Slaughter – Do Humans Deserve to Live? Change Human Nature with An Equal Money System

I recently watched a documentary called “The Cove” It is a documentary where a group of filmmakers secretly filmed a ‘cove’ in Japan where every year from March to September around 23,000 dolphins are trapped by fishermen and then either sold to aquariums or “swim with the dolphin” facilities, or slaughtered and used for meat. A live dolphin can fetch somewhere around 150,000 dollars where a dead dolphin can fetch around 7000.00.

The documentary shows the course of these filmmakers secretly planting cameras around “the cove” to capture the events that take place within this small cove which is fenced off and basically out of view of the public where the dolphins are herded into and then slaughtered by fishermen who stab them over an over again with long spears until the dolphins succumb to the injuries.

As I watched the documentary, it was fascinating to see every detail of this entire operation was being fuelled, motivated, orchestrated, manifest out of one singular point. MONEY! If one remove the “profit motive” from “the equation” then there would be no reason to for such an event to take place at all. I mean these fisherman are not doing this for fun! They are doing it for money. Because it can earn a profit. So that they can get their hands on what has become the “Life Force” of this existence. Money.

If you remove the profit motive then the fisherman would not get up in the morning and head to the cove, start the engines of their boats, lay their nets, spend hours stabbing dolphins to death while drenching themselves in blood, and then return the following day to do such things. All of these such acts are in fact being stimulated by money / profit and thus, if the motivation of making money was taken out of the equation the actions would simply cease to continue.

The dolphins would rather just swim by enjoying their natural habitat as this particular hunting ground is a natural migratory route of the dolphins which makes it quite a“rich resource” for the fisherman as this is exactly what the dolphins have become in the eyes of the human within a capitalistic environment. In this world, they are not actually seen as beings who are equal to that humans at all, they are seen as a resource for the humans to harvest for profit and thats it. What a shameful thing we humans have become.
Within an equal money system events like this would cease to exist as there would be no more profit motivation to go out and get money by whatever means available.

I mean why does a dolphin fetch $150,000 in the first place. Because people will PAY to see or swim with a dolphin. It is all about the movement of money. I mean the fact that we are abusing life to this extent on so many levels, like for instance manipulating the desires we might have to experience ourselves swimming with a dolphin where we would put the animal through such horrific experiences, Firstly Herding the being into a small cove by using large boats and nets, to then pull the being from its natural environment shipping it off to some zoo somewhere where it is now held captive for the rest of its life……so we can have our desires fulfilled of “swimming with the dolphins” yet we are so blinded by our own Self-Interest that we someone are able to ignore what goes on “behind the scenes” so we can get our energy fix! Place yourself in the Dolphins Situation. What if that were you!

This is why I support an equal money system and for all those who are not aware/familiar with EMS I suggest to check out http://www.equalmoney.org which present an economic model that effectively extract the “profit motive” from our reality. A profit motive that is the CORE motivating engine generating such intolerable acts as the Dolphin Slaughter in Japan being exposed in the Documentary “The Cove”

What is being investigated and Proposed by Desteni is a new Platform for essentially managing our world, where through political means we are able to replace the current “profit based world system” which is actually stimulating such acts as this Dolphin Slaughter, and implement A New World System based on Equality where we as a species actually consider other species within a point of equality and stop training ourselves to see anything that looks different than ourselves to appear as one big flashing Dollar $ign.
So for all out there who claim they actually care about animals and the inhumane acts we humans inflict on other beings of this earth I suggest to investigate http://www.equalmoney.org and the Solution proposed as an equal money system so that we can simply Stop ALL such acts which will effectively STOP under a New Economic System based in Equality. Not from the perspective of anyone Forcing such acts to Stop. Nope. But because within an Equal Money System “Profit Motive” will be simply removed from the equation and thus ALL such acts that are based on the foundation of generating money will also cease to be. Image all the different kinds of Atrocities done by humans for money that will be stopped. Do you really think an individual would prefer spending each day of their lives slaughtering animals if they are not getting money to do it. Within the current world / capitalistic / for profit system we are at the moment managing our world with, we are essentially begging individuals to slaughter animals for money. For god sakes we are actually rewarding these acts with dollars.

So suggest to research what we are saying and presenting at desteni in the way of an Equal Money System so that we humans can begin the process of correcting ourselves / forgiving ourselves so that we are in fact worthy of life, and worthy to co-exit on this earth with all the other beings that are Here. Because as it stand now, I am finding it increasingly difficult to justify the continued existence of humans, as we, are the most inconsiderate, ignorant, brutal, and heartless, species currently living on this planet and are definitely causing the most damage to what is here.

Thus Suggest to get informed on how to bring about a world where humans are actually able to co-exist with the earth, each other, other species and all that is here, and stop the blatant rape and harvest of our environment as if we are some apparent Gods. We should be ashamed of ourselves, and realize it is time for us to change how we have been interacting with what is here. And one Key, Fundamental component of this change is a world and economic system based in Equality and Doing what is best for ALL that is Here.

Equal Money Website – http://www.equalmoney.org
An Equal Money Book is in the Works and Scheduled for release September 2011 – http://equalmoney.org/the-book/

Desteni Website – http://www.desteni.org


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Average Canadian family's debt hits $100,000 – Equal Money System to End ALL Debt

Average Canadian family’s debt hits $100,000
Feb 17th 2011
Andrew Gable

An article in the paper today is indicating that now the average Canadian family debt is now at $100,000.00 where the

    “debt-to-income ratio is 150 per cent, meaning that for every $1,000 in after-tax income they make, Canadian families owe $1,500.00”

My Question is that is this supposed to be allot of money or something? What is interesting is that this is now making news when what should have made news in the first place is the phenomenon of Debt in itself. Obviously a number like 100,000.00 dollars shows the absurdity of the situation we are in, also this along side statistic after statistic showing this number perpetually rising year after year.

    “In 1990, the average household debt was $56,800, the institute said, which means family debt has grown 78 per cent over the past two decades”

Whether the number is 100 thousand or 50 thousand or 10 thousand or 100 dollars there is no “amount of debt” of that is acceptable, and that is one of the primary points that is being missed. To have a system which utilize debt is in itself Deceptive and is a Crime Against Humanity. Not to mention a System based on Enslaving others. Yet we have accepted Debt as a normal way of life and something that is supposed to be Here.

It has become so ingrained within us that debt is just a normal part of the money system…and in fact, to such a degree where we now ‘spend’ all of our attention on ways and solutions to minimize

debt and miss the point completely of changing the actual system in itself which consist of rules and relationships which allow for the debt to exist. We not only have blindly accepted debt as part of our world, but we have even more blindly accepted the Money system as a whole as a part of our world from the perspective of it being unchangeable, so entrenched within our world that “it is just so” where we simply have accepted the point of “making the best of it” (minimizing debt) instead of actually questioning the system as a whole (changing the very rules of how money works?)

Well Here is an interesting proposal…An Equal Money System. Imagine, finishing high school, picking the college/University you would like to go to, selecting your area of interest, spending the next 4 to 6 years or how ever long it takes to acquire that education, and having it all done for FREE, and available to each one on earth, There is not need actually to charge money for it – we only believe this as this is how it works in a capitalistic system. Now it is just basic common sense that this will support the emergence of a more ‘educated population’ as now all have access to education, no matter what culture no matter where you are born, as this is simply part of the equation within “An Equal Money System. Or you can decide you like it the way it is where you owe in debt from anywhere between 10,000.00 to as much as 100,000.00 dollars by the time you are finished your education, not to mention a world that is fixated on getting every last dollar out of your pocket if you are not looking, as everyone is stuck in the same situation of debt and now pushing the limits of what they will do, just to point the flow of money into their direction.

So Suggest to investigate an equal money system and join us at http://www.equalmoney.org as we propose a solution which will End ALL Debt once and for ever more, no more accepting and allowing the deception of Debt to creep its way back into this world, but rather placing a New World System and Economic System through democratic political actions where we base our world management on Equality and What is Best For ALL, rather than what it is currently based on which is Greed, and Self Interest.

So Suggest to Support yourself and support this world by Studying what is presented Here at http://www.equalmoney.org so that when the time comes to Cast your Vote – You Stand One Vote for that which actually supports life and the expression of this earth and all on it, and Stand One Vote For An Equal Money System, and a world that is best for all.


News Article:

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Self Forgiveness on 'COMPARISON' and 'MONEY'

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate within my mind within thoughts, ideas, worries, concerns, emotions and feelings related to planting trees from the perspective of “being a good planter” and “making lots of money”
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate within the constructs and networks of thoughts, ideas, concepts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and emotions and feelings within my mind related to treeplanting from the perspective of “being a good planter” and “making allot of money” instead of simply breathing here in the moment and applying myself in the moment and allowing myself to let go of “that which goes on in my mind.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate with the mind and specific “trains of thoughts” that emerge or come up in my mind, simply because they “do” come up and thus automatically allow myself to participate within them.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be a good planter
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate with the energetic experiences that come up within my about “being a good planter” in comparison to others.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself occupy myself within comparison where in I give my attention to comparing myself to others and seeing myself in relation to others within my mind.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to “want to win”
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to “want to win” from the perspective of “not being satisfied with myself” unless I win, and am better than others.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want and desire to outperform others from the perspective of attempting to satisfy myself within and as myself
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to be satisfied with myself from the perspective of not requiring me to compare myself to others to gauge my satisfaction, but rather simply me being satisfied with me without needing or requiring to compare myself to others.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that through comparison and creating defining myself according to others within comparison that I will finally be able to be satisfied with myself and there in within this be able to just stop and relax because “I will have arrived” and finally I can rest.
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to simply just “do my own thing” from the perspective of not requiring to perform at a specific level so that others see me within this and as this, so that I can “be comfortable with myself” through having effectively created a picture/idea/personality of myself which is supported by me, and others as a “form” which we all agree on.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to place my attention and energy on “building up” an idea of self, instead of existing here as breath, one breath at a time, and no longer accepting and allowing myself to participate within and as my mind where in I create ideas within my mind of who I am.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to how other people see me.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I am what others say, believe and see me as.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to direct myself according to presenting myself in such a way that others agree with, and furthermore I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself according to others, and what others say/believe/see me as in anyway whatsoever.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘care’ what others think of me from the perspective of shaping/creating/defining/presenting myself in a way which will “make me feel better” based on how others define/see me through what I present to them as who I am.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that others are better than me, and within this, constantly attempt to ‘create’ myself within comparison to others who I see/believe are better than me
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I do not plant the most trees for my company than I am less than those that do.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I am not planting more trees than everybody else than I am compromising myself from the perspective of what I am capable of and my abilities, and within this am existing in limitation.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the amount of trees I plant in relation to others is a direct reflection of my abilities in this world and the ‘success’ I will have in the system from the perspective of being successful at painting and other business ventures.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that others that plant more trees than me are smarter than me, more skilled than me and more disciplined than me, wherein I then experience myself as ‘down’ and “not as good” as them.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘connect’ treeplanting to my future ventures within the world and believe that If I am not the best planter or one of the best planters on the crew that I will ultimately be limited in my other ventures to my performance treeplanting.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my performance or ‘standard’ that I set here planting will determine my future success in this world, where in I am limiting myself where in I have accepted and allowed myself to believe and agree within myself that I am and will be “locked-in” to what I ‘achieve’ here planting, and thus I must be “one of the best” because this will determine who I will be in the future.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that “the amount of money” I make here while planting will “set a standard” of my capabilities which I will locked into and that I will not be able to “break-out of” and so within this I want to do a good job.
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to simply walk step by step, breath by breath, and allow myself expand myself within this world constantly from the perspective of not accepting and allowing myself to define myself by my past.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into and participate within my mind in relation to money.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within fear, from the perspective of money and what will happen in the future, related what I have set out to do.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify participating with fears/anxieties/thoughts/emotions and feelings relating to money and the future.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowing myself to fear failing and “getting stuck” without a job, which in turn will cause my plan not to work.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to assume that my plan will not work out
I forgive myself that I have automatically accepted and allowed myself to expect my plan to not work out which thus cause me to go into fear and anxiety about the future, where in I simply just believe that my plan will not work out.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that it is ‘difficult’ to set a plan in this world and have it work out.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to determine the success or failure of “my plans” based on the what I have done/experienced in the past instead of allowing myself to walk ‘anew’ each day one breath at a time, and no longer accept and allow myself to define myself according to “who I was in the past” but actually in self walking here in breath, will and rebirth myself into this reality as effective within this world and the system in terms of support and functionality.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that it is difficult to make money within this world. Where in I am arriving at this conclusion without even first walking the necessary steps to make sufficient money.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see people that are effective at making money to possess something that I do not, instead of me standing equal to them, and giving myself the gift of realizing my equality with them.

Within this Self Forgiveness I see the point of defining my future success in the world in relation to my performance within treeplanting. In connecting these two points I then went into comparison towards and with the other planters within a kind of “franticness” where I believe that “if I am not the best” here and now, that I will fail in this world, and not make it. So what I see is that I have a belief /fear inside me of failing in this world, and ending up with no money, or stuck somewhere with no money and in this no freedom, but trapped in way. And that this fear/belief was actually coming though or causing me to go into comparison in the specific way that I was/am within my job treeplanting towards others.
When I look closer at this point I see that also when I was in art school I was already participating within this construct of wanting to “be the best” which at that time I has also linked to money and freedom. And that if I was going to make it as an artist, that I had to be one of the best, as this was the only way that I would have enough money to “buy my freedom” in my life. Something that I was already at that time determined to do, to have enough money to “be free” in this world, and not have to struggle to get by.
I always liked winning races and coming in first place in my younger years, but at that stage, I had not yet linked the point to money, but more to the point of people seeing me a certain way, a point of worthiness or specialness or acceptance.
I remember when I was art school, I experienced dominance in relation to art, where I experienced myself as “above” other in this regard, where I in a way “stood over or above them” I liked this experience, as I could then speak with confidence about art and speak to them about there art where they would listen to what I had to say, and consider what I had to say as important, I liked that.
But in terms of a ‘fear’ where I triggered a fear within myself where I then feared about money was what comes up at the moment is my student loan. When I signed the papers to get my loan to go to school. It was at that step when I was around 19 or 20 years old that money was now linked to art, and that I ‘had’ to make money with my art to pay back my loan otherwise I would have to stop making art and do something else to make money to pay back my loan. So it was at that stage where the whole point of dominance I experienced and specialness in relation to others around the point of art, mutated merged with the point of money to give entire construct another layer to it.
In terms of developing a belief that I was/am unable to make money doing art, or be successful within the context of “making money” interestingly enough I see in relation to before art school when I was involved in ice hockey, where the point of playing professional hockey came into play. To play professional hockey meant making allot of money which I was aware of. Eventually it got to the point where it just seemed like “I wasn’t good enough” and in this saw or defined myself as a failure at this point which encompassed the point of “making allot of money in this world” which at this juncture of my life, I saw myself as having failed at. So in a way, believing that I will be unable to make money with my art can be related to “my past” where I failed at making money as a hockey player. Before the Hockey point I had never really considered much, if anything to make money in this world. So in a way, becoming a hockey player was my first attempt, which “in my eyes” I failed at doing, and in this saw myself as “less than” and ‘weak’.

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