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"Sustaining a Point" – Standing Up is this World

Sustaining a Point.
At the moment I am seeing a point here with regards to ‘sustainment’. This is the point of seeing that in order to ‘exist’ within the current world system. It requires one to actually ‘sustain’ that motion or application.
I see that this has been quite a resistance point for me within my life, where in I must ‘sustain’ something, particularly if it had anything to do with the system.
But as I am here at this moment, walking through this point of “finding myself a job” in this world to earn money as a practical support point, I am seeing that, If I would actually like to “Stand-Up” within this system that I am going to have to do exactly that which I have resisted doing for many years, that being, actually ‘sustain’ the point. Actually “take-on” projects or relationships in the system which I must then ‘commit’ to.
One of the ‘problems’ I had within finding work or jobs in this system, is I simply could not bring myself to commit to them. Mostly because they were ‘empty’ or ‘pointless’ from my perspective anyhow. Though at the moment these ‘excuses’ or any other ‘idea’ or ‘opinion’ I can come up with as to why I am not yet ‘committing’ to a job in this world, are not, within where I now stand in awareness of the point of Self-Responsibility, Valid.
My current understanding of Self – Responsibility is actually supporting me at the moment to stand up within this world.
I have started to realize that I am alone.
That no one is going to help, assist, support, save, provide, motive, encourage, pull me up on my own two feet, but that this must, and only can be done by me. That is not to say that assistance and support from others is not Here. It is a realization that to Stand on my own two feet, that I must do this alone without the expectation, hope, desire, want, or need of others to ‘help’
To realize one is alone is actually empowering, because then one simply stop looking outside self for support and assistance, and really start to support oneself in what ever way possible to Stand-Up within this world and Support a Solution that is best for all.
I realize that I must Stand Here under my own steam.
I realized that even a belief that “I cannot do it” is no longer acceptable.
Any reason I come up with, feel, or experience as to “what is holding me back”, “where I am unable to stand”, “why I am unable to do this”, “what is preventing me,” “where I am limited”, within this process is simply not valid, and I can no longer accept and allow that to direct me, as that is me “giving-up” that is me, saying that “I cannot do it”, without actually investigating these apparent “shortfalls”

I don’t have enough time
I don’t have enough money
I don’t have a car
I don’t have the right skills
I am not smart enough
I am so far behind
This will never work
Everyone else is better than me and more qualified than me
I don’t have enough education.

I see the point that all of these excuses simply do not hold up against my awareness and understanding of self-responsibility. Because Self-Responsibility implies that there are no excuses.

And within this I see how an excuse is really an accepted and allowed limitation that one can either decide to accept or not.

I see that I can no longer accept any excuse or justification as to why “I cannot do this”.

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Writing Myself to Freedom – Writing Out My Day – Oct 4th 2010

Writing Myself to Freedom – Writing Out My Day – Oct 4th 2010

I worked today so I decided to get up at 7:30 instead of 8:00 so I had some extra time. I did experience myself as ‘more tired’ but got up and began my day. I arrived at work, which was actually someone’s house whom we were fixing a table that had been delivered there during their home re-modelling. This is actually quite interesting because at the moment I am working “very part time” meaning filling in for a friend who is out of the city, at this “high-end” furniture store, where I go in and put together the furniture to be displayed on the floor. I find this interesting because while in South Africa, I spent allot of time building furniture, so in a way I am actually a good fit for this Job. So see what comes out of it. So Anyways while I was helping with the fixing of this table today, there was this other guy there also who has a business called “furniture Medic” where he has clients around the city and basically he fixes furniture. It was pretty cool to see that this job actually exist, and so when I saw this guy doing this, I saw myself doing that as well, and see that as something that I actually would enjoy doing and would be a way to practically apply myself within the skills that I have. I mean, at the moment I am looking for various job potentials so just placing myself in the shoes of different occupations to see what that would entail and if it is something that I would like to pursue. Basically I saw this Furniture Medic thingy as pretty cool. Though still I am also seeing that something like that would take time and expertise to develop. But I am quite satisfied with this Job thus far. Though it is very temporary perhaps, will see what comes of it. Its also interesting from the perspective of money. Because this is an expensive store so lots of rich people coming in and buying furniture for thousands of dollars. Obviously the value of things is so fucking arbitrary, and not based on equality in any way what so ever. Like some of the stuff in the store is like 1000 dollars for a stool that you could get, in better quality from some farmer for 10 bucks. Its astonishing that we have gotten to the position where we are unable to see the value of things anymore and have bought into the current money system so deeply and are now blind to our actually practical physical reality. Its like everyone just “plays the game” and attempts to “build themselves up” by buying expensive things to “pad their status” or should I say buying expensive ‘couches’ to ‘cushion’ their status. So quite interesting to observe this point, and this money interaction taking place. Its like the point of money for many who come into the store is almost of “no importance” like they have this paper which they have allot of and just want to spend it, and not really considering the context of this world, or where that money actually come from because simply, they have it! I Dressed in black and grey today with nice black shoes so I fit in. So I took care to ‘present myself’ within the system. Black Jeans, Grey sweater, and black shoes, I matched the furniture! While I was at the this woman’s house who was remodelling she had this one massive painting and a few other contemporary pieces as well in her kitchen, interesting to see. In seeing this I considered the point of how people buy Art as a ‘statement’ of who they are and ‘what they are worth’ meaning it adds to their status, which is entirely based on money and nothing else. So for example they would not consider buying the work of an artist who sells their art cheap, no matter how skilled the work was, because it would ‘devalue’ their status from the perspective of making them ‘worth less’ (interesting worth less = worthless) So they rather buy something expensive so they retain their value, So from this perspective if you had two works exactly the same, they would buy the expensive one as to ensure their status remain “upper-class” I always get the urge to start marketing my work to these people, but just cant get myself to do it. Its tempting but I fear that I would eliminated another market by doing this, not that I really sell much work anyways. Sometimes I think that I have priced my work in no-mans-land like just can’t seem to find the right point with it. Speaking of which, when I was done work today and got home to check my e-mail, I had received a mail notifying me that I had Won a Draw and will receive a 25.00 gift certificate to an art supply shop here in town. I remember the thought that I had as I filled out that form a few weeks back – that I had good odds to win because if everyone felt as I did in that moment with regards to filling out the form to qualify for the gift certificate, nearly no one would do it, because I didn’t really feel like it, but I remember in that moment I simply pushed through the resistance and took the physical actions and filled out the form. And now won the prize. That’s cool. This whole art point is interesting. I experience the point as quite irrelevant at times. Today I placed one of my paintings in this frame that I had bought a while back and simply wanted to test to see what the painting looked like in it. As I did this, its like I have many thoughts of the complete irrelevancy of the ‘whole thing’ the whole thing being the art thing. Well obviously, this entire world is irrelevant. The functionality of society and social participation is irrelevant. What we spend our time doing here on earth, our daily actions day in and day out are irrelevant, yet people just go along with it, attempting to find some satisfaction, some joy, attempting to make it “worth while” mostly just accepting that this is how it is completely and simply signing on the dotted line to make the “best of it” But I have realized that it never goes anywhere. The mathematics do not accumulate to that which is best for all, do not accumulate to that which will stand for eternity. This is a simple equation and I will share this, what I have found and seen for myself unconditionally, because within now what I have seen, I actually experience myself as having some purpose, some substance to myself and my experience, that “it isn’t all a waste” and so if anyone who is reading this line, who is not considering the point of equality, within the context of an equal money system, and considering “what is best for all” in every moment, I suggest doing so, as within this you will see, that everything you do and have ever done, was/is actually nothing. And that you have simply just been and are trapped in meaningless cycles over and over and over never adding up and accumulating to anything. You will see that your entire participation within this world in irrelevant. And that what you have been doing the whole time is figuring out ‘cute’ ways to explain, and ‘joke’ away the reality of your actual existence which is meaningless, abusive, and suppressive. We have created an entire, language, way of communicating, and interacting with each which only hide and vial the truth of what is actually going on. Our entire communication/language/interaction is just one elaborate justification and excuse to simply trap ourselves again and again, into abusive patterns and behaviour of alcohol, drugs, hatred, anger, sexual abuse, inequality – An Absolute FUCK-UP. This life is a Waste of Time. Though from a certain perspective I cannot blame anyone or expect anyone to “see the point” as from where I am standing the foundation perse, is built out of that which has been shown and communicated to me from the perspective of I did not initially see how I was existing until it was pointed out to me. So once again people – THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE, IT IS POSSIBLE, A COMPLETE NEW WAY OF LIVING AND EXISTING FOR ALL AND EVERYONE, WHERE THE STARTING POINT OF OUR ACTIONS AND WORDS AND EXPRESSION IS BASED WTIHIN THE CONSIDERATION OF DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL, Meaning we see and understand that we are inseparable from everything that is here, and that we take responsibility for ALL that is here equally, as each one
take responsibility for themselves as one who take responsibility for ALL, thus ALL and Each Considering ALL and EACH in every way, this will end abuse, war, starvation, suffering, as we realize that those who stand before us is one and equal to ourselves and thus we ‘treat’ them as we ‘treat’ our self. Such a simple mathematical equation to End All Abuse. A world where we stand together, express together, walk together –Within A Common Principle, like a thread as an Understanding that extends through each and every point/being in existence, unifying ALL within this Principle, this Understanding of Who we are as Equals. This Thread, the foundation of Our New Way of Life. A Life that is Dignified, Where No one has to stand in Fear of Abuse, where we actually support each other in expression instead of judge each other. I can see nothing in this world that is worth keeping. I suggest Stand-Up for Equality, and a New Equal Money System, and World Equality System that is based in Equality thus ensure that all beings are respected equally, and that no one being is valued less or more than another, so that ALL can stand eye to eye as equals.

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New Comical Sense

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New Comical Sense Drawing – Economic "Reek-Oh-Very" – By Andrew Gable

See the ENTIRE COLLECTION of “Comical Sense” Drawings @

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Writing Self to Freedom – Daily Writing

I am going to write about my day today. The first point I will discuss happened as I was walking through town going from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ as a was busy doing “system stuff” meaning, getting my taxes done, and dealing with banks and things of this nature. As I stopped at the street corner, waiting for the walk signal to appear on the machine across the street so that I could proceed, I noticed that there were two guys standing on the other side of the street representing some “not-for-profit” organization and they were surely going to ask me if I was interested. I already knew that I was not interested, and simply had planned to walk straight through. The interesting point I noticed as approached the two individuals was the way in which I presented myself as I passed by. As I drew closer I noticed that I began to change my posture towards the two individuals and presented myself in a way which clearly demonstrated that “I was not interested” however within this, I noticed that I “went into a point of energy” where I noticed that I experienced myself actually projecting a kind of energy of ‘force’, almost like what you see in anime comics and videos where the being is able to generate a form of energy, often represented by a king of like blue glowing ball of energy in the beings hands which they are able to throw forwards as I kind of weapon. Well this is exactly what I did, I experienced myself as if I was projecting some kind of energetic force field which definitely was not based in equality, meaning this ‘force’ field was meant to “overpower” the two individuals in front of me, where is was to indicate “look out”, “coming through”, “don’t bother me” “Get out of the way”. The whole event lasted 15 seconds. The question that came up within me was , why did I go into this energy kind of projection presentation of myself? Why did I believe that I had to project this kind of energy? Why was I simply not able to walk past in silence where I do not going into a point of energy. If I look at the point now, my intent was to avoid any interaction at all with the beings in front of me, So I presented myself as not approachable. Although from my perspective I see that a correction is necessary, where in I do/did not require to go into a point of energy presentation and projection in that moment, but am actually able to remain here as myself, as breath, as self presence and simply walk on through, or simply face the point without resorting to energy participation. That was that event. I went to the Art supplies store which was pretty cool, I often enjoy going to the art supplies store and purchasing art supplies for upcoming art. I hadn’t been there in a long time, and am acquaintances with the owners of the store, so said hello to them, and spoke to them I little bit about where I was and why I had not been in the store in over two years, as before I was nearly a daily occurrence in the store. I purchased 4 sheets of paper – which they packaged in a large plastic bag against some cardboard so that the paper would not get damaged. I plan to use the paper to make some comical sense drawings that are a little larger in size. I find now that I am in a way restructuring art into my world so to speak. It has been so long since I lived in the city, that I, in a way have not reference point for how quickly it moves, and/or what type of pace it moves at where in I must ensure that my day to day movements and actions are in alignment with being able to support myself effectively within a city setting. So from this perspective I am still in a feeling out stage, Like I mean, can I even spend 3 hours a few nights a week working on a drawing? Or will this cause me to not be able to make my rent at the end of the month, just points like this I am looking at. Because I find now within my life I am busy arranging it in a way where I can be most effective, where my focus is to in essence “lead by example” from the perspective of what I am doing with Desteni, and the Structural Resonance Alignment course, and Standing within “What is Best for ALL” where in my day to day actions bring forth the necessary changes so to speak to create a world system that support all beings equally and support what is best for all life, and until this is in place, And to direct myself in this way until it is done, and all beings are placed within a point of Equality in FACT, where now All beings are supported equally, and have equal access to education, where beings are in a way “free” from this current system of enslavement that we have created for ourselves. Within this point I also was looking at the point today of “Making an accurate assessment” of the ‘movement’ or ‘pace’ of the city and within doing this was observing my own movement and pace, and that I realized that I was rushing slightly, meaning, If I establish my assessment of the “pace of the city” in so that I am best able to direct myself to be most effective on a “movement” from myself that is in fact ‘Rushing’ and based in ‘energy’ which inevitably will balance out, that I in fact will make an ‘inaccurate’ assessment because it will be based on a “pace” is in a way ‘exaggerated’ So from this perspective I see the point of being effective in my world will come from, not where I rush around as fast as possible and attempt to get everything done kind of assessment of how to effectively direct myself within the city, but rather a stable, constant, expression and application of myself, where I simply move, as breath. This will be sustainable and repeatable, and will give me a much more accurate assessment of what specific actions I must take and when, in order to effectively support myself within my environment. Another point I have observed myself participating in is the point of judgement towards others from the perspective of seeing myself within a kind of exalted position in comparison to others, because I apparently know more than them, or have a more expansive understanding or knowledge base of how this reality operation. Within this I see that I am not actually able to see other beings within consideration of where they are in there process, and that in fact I once stood in exactly the same position as them, and yet, here I am seeing myself as ‘more-than’ that being, and kind of presenting myself as a wise wise being. I also see within this point that I am holding others away from me, instead of embracing them as equals. And communicating with them from the perspective of equality where I stand in equality within communication and interaction, instead of kind of “standing off” or not actually allowing the other or myself to participate and interact within equality, which from a certain perspective is more intimate. Its like I form a judgement of the individual first, who I accept as that being, and then interact with them according to the judgement I have formed about them within my mind. And that this judgement actually creates a wall, a barrier in-between myself and that being which create only a very limited type of interaction with that being. Ok some observations on my day.

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MONEY = The True ARTIST of this World – And a New EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM

Artistic Expression in this world is absolutely limited. Why? – Money. We are Slaves to the current money system and our expressions are also a product and are dependant, shaped and formed by this money system.

Originality does not exist, as everything is Dependant on Money.

If you look at Artists in the Past compared to Now – It is obvious that our skill level to express ourselves within painting and drawing is decreasing at a rapid pace. We claim that now we use video and technology to express ourselves – Yet one have to ask the question – How much of that ‘choice’ of Media is determined through MONEY, what people pay for, or what people want to see, and again, which equals ultimately, what they will pay for.

There is not one single Original Artist in this world. Everyone and their apparent unique expressions are determined, and considered within the requirements and parameters of money. The Fucked up part is that Artists – the supposedly ‘creative’ ones in this world are not able to see this! That in fact the only True Artist in the World is Money. Meaning Money express itself as Money, As a Self Expression of itself. We as human beings do not – We do not ‘Self’ Express – That would mean placing ourselves as the starting point of our expression and actually do what we want to do. Currently We Money-Express, And this is what we call and define as Originality.

That is Why I Stand up and Support an Equal Money System, Because I am interested to see what Art looks like as a self expression.

Within an Equal Money System, for example an Individual who wish to express themselves in Art will have the opportunity to do so from the perspective of SELF expression. Where Money will not Influence what they do, or express from the perspective of they will not have to concern themselves with the point of having to SELL the work to be able to make money to lIve, or from a different angle, they won’t have to concern themselves with “spending to much time doing something that doesn’t bring in any money” which will cause them to not be able to pay rent or buy food.

What we accept as an Artistic Expression today is Absolute limitation. We can do better, although within our refinement of ourselves so to speak, we require a NEW WORLD SYSTEM and NEW MONEY SYSTEM that rather than place individuals in a position where their very survival is at risk when they are born onto this planet, It place beings into a position where they are SUPPORTED!. This is Common Sense. That  one should not have to fight and struggle their way through life, because the system that WE HAVE PUT IN PLACE has specific rules and regulations that WE HAVE CREATED OURSELVES. THUS – We must RE-CREATE our Current World and Economic System to one Founded in Common Sense – Where we create a System which has ‘rules’ so to speak – that SUPPORT ALL INDIVIDUALS that are born onto the planet where ALL CAN LIVE A DIGNIFIED LIFE.

Its Not – Just the way things are and there is nothing we can do about it. Its an actual system that we as humanity have created, and implemented over time which now currently exist, and that this system, that we have created – Was simplistically, Not in the BEST INTEREST OF ALL. So the Principle in Establishing a New Money and World System, will be done so from the starting point of EQUALITY – Where ALL beings are considered, and what is best for All is the foundation of the new system. That is Common Sense.

So for an Apparent Evolving Race of Individuals Let’s Form and Create a Planet that Supports Expression – Let’s Stick to the Common Sense that we can all now see within,  How NOT to create a World System. There is no need or requirement to repeat the past – Let us ‘move on’ so to speak from this – All information around an Equal Money System can be found at  So lets educate ourselves on what we require to do to make this world a dignified life for ALL and a Dignified life for the Children and those we are currently bringing into this world.

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How I am Standing as the Principle of Oneness and Equality.

How I am standing as the principle of oneness and equality.

I stand as the principle of oneness and equality where in I stand, direct myself, live and express myself within establishing an equal system in this world which support all beings to exist equal in all ways. This means that there requires a new world system to be established. One that will support each and every single individual on the planet, as well as the nature and animal kingdom. At the moment this does not exist, not all beings on this planet are being supported equality, many die daily from starvation or war, animals are actually abused, caged and slaughtered to support the very system we have established for ourselves in this world, this atrocity towards animals being committed to support consumerism, or for the entertainment of man, not considering that animals would prefer to be left alone in their natural habitat, rather than balancing on a ball at the whip of man. I no longer support this system we have created for ourselves in this world. A system that obviously does not consider the animals as equal aspects of life. Man does not even consider itself within equality, but rather exist in a world of competition of survival of the fittest. Where man kill, rape, murder, abuse each other to come out the victor. The one on top. Thus my standing is not in support of the current system, and the current world as how it exist at the moment, but rather, I stand in support of an equal in all ways system. In my stand I direct and apply myself to bring about this change until it is here, no matter what. Within this I make myself visible within this world, and stand within this world as a visible symbol which support equality in all ways. I must become visible as to take the place of the current system which at the moment is that which is visible. One point in establishing and bringing forth of an new world system – A world system that support all equally, giving all beings an “equal footing” upon which to stand is the point of an equal money system. I stand in support of an equal money system. A system where every individual on the planet gets, as a birth right, a set amount of money each month to support them with the basic living requirements from their birth to their death. This amount established will be enough to live on, to always have food to eat and a roof over ones head, and take care of the basic needs a human being has within living in this world. Along side this will be an equal labour system where credits/money can be accumulated by working, where one receive one credit per one hour of work, no matter what job you do.
For more information regarding the equal money system please visit
The only ones stopping us from establishing a new system that is best for ALL is ourselves. There is no way one can defend a system and a world that so clearly and visibly abuses life. As can be seen anytime one turns on the TV or computer. The system and “way of life” that currently exist is not best for ALL. In order to bring forth a new system, a new way of life, best for all we must stop existing as who we are currently existing and living as. We must from the perspective of “making room” stop participating in our lives and patterns and routines that currently take up all our time, otherwise there will be no room for anything new, just the same thing that has always existed, thus I realized I must give up my life, to establish a new one, that is best for ALL. I Cannot change if I continue to live the same way that I always have. I must actually stop and change how I live, until I transform my old way of living with a new way of living which support equality for ALL. This process will take time, and as we bring in the new system of equality, we must for the time being use the existing system as a temporary bridge until it is no longer required. Thus we cannot all simply stop working at our jobs or using money, that is not practical – it will be an emergence, a transition, and will require a discipline walk until the new system is in place, no matter how long it takes.

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