How to give yourself a Headache – Don't try this at Home.

Ok so I’ve got a bit of a headache at the moment. This headache was interesting as it started early in the evening like suddenly. Normally there is a more gradual process involved but today it was like suddenly in one moment I could see that I had “the beginning of a headache”.
I have been suppressing some points today, and procrastinating somewhat. Though the specific point when the headache arrived is as follows. I went to the coffee shop and book store to just “get out of the house” get a coffee and look around at some books, just ‘unwinding’ a bit. While in the bookstore I started looking at books related to marketing and branding as this is related to the point I am currently busy with which is setting up a graphic design service through a website where I will offer Custom Logo Designs. I do have doubts around doing this and one being in relation to “my experience level” with this kind of thing, as I do not have a certified degree in marketing or business. Anyways I was found a book specifically related to Logos which was quite cool as I enjoy reading about this process and basically at the moment I am collecting all the necessary vocabulary so that I am able to operate within this industry and be able to “talk the talk” so I enjoy reading about how others go about doing Logo and Branding Design as I can pick up Key words, terms, phrases, ideas etc about the process so that as I design how I am going to set everything up I have some guidelines so to speak.
After a while of sitting there looking through this book I decided it was time to go home now and possibly get a few points placed in relation to my own website I am setting up. The process is slow at the moment as I am having to essentially model my design and how it will work very much off of what other people have placed. In fact I have found one designer in particular who basically has his process laid out for all to see, so from a certain perspective am using this as a template to form my own ‘system’ in terms of how to set everything up until I get more experience and then can direct it accordingly.
After reading the book for a while (Around 15 min) I placed the book back in the shelf and started to leave the store. I immediately noticed something that was not there before I sat down and started reading this book. I noticed a build up of pressure, like a very slight headache in the back of my head. So something occurred since the time I sat down and started reading the book, to when I stopped. It was like as I read the book, I started bring up, thoughts, and ideas, and uncertainties, and excitement, and basically activated this entire point that I have been working with for while now and as I left the store experienced a slight headache in the back of my head. This indicate to me that I have created allot of energy around this point.
It made sense because this point of setting up this whole Logo Design point has been challenging at times, and especially over the last few days in getting the structural layout and placement of the content together has not been easy but I have really had to labour and work my way through it. I mean when I read about in books, it all seems so easy, like I get it. But then when it gets down to actually placing the structure for myself I simply do not have the experience and so it does not just flow out of me but I have to find the information and arrange it word by word.
So that initial starting point of that headache that was triggered in that moment in the book store quite quickly escalated into a full blown headache within a few hours, And due in part to how I have been participating with this logo point where I have had allot of judgements and doubts, and uncertainties about it and basically pressurizing the points within me instead of “moving them through” by directing them physically and pushing myself to simply walk through this stage of placing the content so that I can just get this point through. Instead I have suppressed the point at times and so as a consequence end up with a headache like this one where in I go into suppression instead of expression and direction.

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