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I have not had much to write about of late. My world as been pretty ‘normal’ so to speak. Still seeing the point of how so many people resist desteni or classify it as “a weird cult” or something like this. I share desteni videos on my profile and so basically anyone who is friends with me on facebook has access to what I place as well as my blog. I sometimes think “How I will make it in this world” from the perspective of participating with Desteni. I know many have a fear around this point as well who participate with desteni from the perspective of having there “desteni world” and having there “real world” so to classify it.
I sometimes think what my co-workers would think of me if they found some of my posts on facebook. I mean everyone that lives in this world, lives in this world, and desteni challenge that. I even doubt I could sit down and have a conversation with my roommates about this. So in a way I am here in this world, participating though its like I have a secret identity, or still have two worlds that I live in.
So the desteni network on the internet is cool, and find the vlogs and blogs and videos etc very supportive. The point with blogging which has recently opened up on facebook has been so cool. It is like my favourite point at the moment you could say to log onto the network blog and have all these posts of people sharing themselves who are walking with desteni – Really Fucking Cool. Its like the “fountain of Life” the pool of blogs all linked within facebook, so starting to get a good view of how this network will actually function on a larger scale and the kind of support it will provide for beings.
I see that I have a doubt inside with regards to starting a business doing Logo Designs for Companies. I have attempted to actually write about this point a few times but the writing just did not sit right, like there was something off about it.
Its like I am trying to convince myself that it is the right or wrong thing to do, instead of just stopping the morality and doing it. Basically, this is where my skill and training has been, so use where I am effective to support me.
I want to right about this point of doing Logo Design because this is what is “occupying me” at the moment in my world, but hold back in expressing myself within writing about his point. Basically I have been over the last couple days investigating “what name” to go with for the company. Then from there I will I design a logo, though basically the starting point is finding a name. I have lots of “ideas” about what I would like to do with the company though at the moment just keeping it as simple as possible, and get the necessary points sorted out to be able to place it on the net and get some feedback.
I had initially started to place this point about a month or two ago, but It was too complicated, so have decided to cut out all the excess stuff and just go with the basic simplicity of doing Logo Designs.
So have explored “what angle” to go with to be able to land customers. I Initially was looking at using and animal in the name which I will continue exploring as I have now gone through nearly 200 names and nothing is yet sticking.
So the point is definitely not falling into my lap, but really having to push it to get it moving.

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