Lies, Lies, Lies – The Foundation of Man

What we have come to accept as “normal human behaviour” is based and founded on fear. Where we are attempting to make sure all the time that “everything is ok” “Normal Human Behaviour” has become the ‘art’ of “smoothing things over” and attempting to “make a fucking pretty picture out of everything”. “Trying to paint things in the best possible Light”. “Agreeing with each other” as to “not upset anyone”.  Attempting to keep up some kind of ‘equilibrium’  where everything is ‘happy’ and ‘ok’.  No One really communicates at all ‘for real’. No One knows how to communicate for real. And when one try and communicate for real, all that it is met with is resistance “oh my god, this person isn’t talking about the weather” “oh my god, smile and laugh, smile and laugh” all a reaction out of fear. Because within communicating for real, the entire, structure, the network of our world is being ripped apart. Because one integral element we have used to “create our world” to “build it up” is in our communication with others, in how we speak and interact. No body goes and hangs out in a coffee shop and actually discusses the core of themselves and actually talk about Real Shit. Our fabric of our world is woven out of superficial nonsense so to speak. The common foundation of our words is Fear, not an understanding of who we are as equals.  One immediately go into resistance when being faced with “real communication” because it is so rare. One do not know how to respond, or even better, how others will respond. I mean, what is Awkwardness but a kind of fear. Fear of what someone else might think or say, fear of what they might find out about me, fear of exposing all the secrets and lies that I have been holding, what I ACTUALLY think about them. Lies Lies Lies, that is the Foundation of Ourselves and the Foundation of our World. It is how we interact and communicate with each other day to day, That is quite a fuck up. That 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year, we exist within our world and our lives, LIEING to each other. That is why it is called LIE-F, No one speak the truth of themselves – Because it is not cool. It is not accepted. The world is messed up and it requires to be changed.

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5 responses to “Lies, Lies, Lies – The Foundation of Man

  1. Hey Andrew – cool point to discuss and open up in relation (lol wrote realation) to superficial communication that happens between human beings.

    I can say from my experience, specially probably after leaving the farm how when I came here I started pushing the point of actually communicating with people, I create that point of ‘going deeper’ into a point they want to barely touch upon into asking further questions to open up the real deal, the real points going on because! if we do remain just like the others talking about the nice happy dilly doe weather and life then, everything remains at that shallow point of apparent ‘interaction’.

    I mean, I have even gone deeper into opening points and stories with people I’ve just met anyone really, if they have something to share that is troubling them inside I ask them and get to know about their work, what they do, how they do it, why they do it – ‘work’ is just an example that came to mind of how I communicate with people that sometimes that give some type of service like taxi drivers, coffee shop waiters, teachers, people at school, people in the bus – I have actually an example of each person I’ve pointed out here as an example – they first ‘react’ because it is NOT usual that people go around opening up points with ‘unknown people’, but it is within the equal one on one approach that makes the difference – then people literally lower their ‘guard’ down and start sharing. I’ve found this absolutely cool to take on – I used to be quite ‘closed’ and not actually daring to speak to just ‘anyone’ but I have deliberately changed that and it’s cool.

    So – suggest you also take on the point of not only being the observer but actually taking action within this, with everyday people and everyday life events, any person is equal to you – how would you approach you in self honesty as equals? In openness and in self honest starting point of actually sharing and communicating, exchanging words with another for the sake of realizing: I am HERE I share this world and reality with other beings that are Equal tom e – let’s see what’s up in their world.

    Okay! thanks

  2. Cool Practical Suggestion Marlen I will give it a shot, yes with most beings I don’t “get into it” although have had the opportunity with a few to actually go quite deep and discuss points, but to “wait around” for the ‘right’ person to be able to speak to is a kind of suppression. And actually in relation to that video you did on “becoming an authority or Dictator” or something like that, where you explained the point of how you actually just started taking responsibility as being the authority so to speak, that this scenario also from the ‘authority perspective’ is viable as well. But ya that’s cool, I am going to push this and get comfortable doing this. My ‘excuse’ for not doing it before was that I did not want to ‘upset’ people. its actually quite funny now when I look at the point, that in fact I would rather actually “get into it with people”

  3. And to do this from the perspective of equality where I ‘treat’ the other as myself, within the starting point of the communication.

    Actually just before I opened up my mail to read this comment you sent, I had literally just finished typing a “reference point” for myself of to treat others as myself as the starting point of communication/interaction with others, as I noticed that I was still looking and perceiving others within this point of resistance depending on who they are and how I have defined them. So I saw this point and then also saw the point of using myself as a reference point within equality where now rather to approach beings from the perspective of treating them as I treat myself.

  4. Very cool points. In relation to the authority/dictator point is true, we are able to ‘set the rules’ of communication in one single moment with our approach – I’ve tested this several times: people are in a certain ‘mode’ it is generally a ‘defense mode’ wherein everyone is fearing each other or existing in plain separation, that’s our ‘normal mode’ – now, when we approach them in a direct and open way, that ‘openness’ allow them to take their shield off and actually communicate – this is fascinating how in one moment it is simply ‘opened’ and the hard veneer is pulled out. ALthough yeah not everyone will ‘respond’ the same way, some will really just ignore you in fear, lol I’ve also gone through that but! then you know it’s wasn’t you creating and existing in that pre-ordained state of mind wherein everyone is separated from another, but now you know the person simple doesn’t want to communicate and that’s it.

    I like at the moment breaking these ‘pre-ordained rules’ of how one must interact for example with the sales clerk at the grocery store balblabla everyone! because I noticed how before I would pre-ordain them to a certain ‘job’ and ‘position’ and ‘treat’ them according to how I accepted and allowed myself to BELIEVE I should treat them – thus definitely cool to go breaking the accepted rules of scoial interaction – this is particularly with ‘strangers’ and it applies even further with people you ‘know’.

    Okay cool to read this andrew and the fascinating timing with what you were reading before reading the first reply.

    Thanks for sharing !

  5. Very helpful support, thanks!

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