Writing Self To Freedom – DREAMS

The first point I will write about is with regards to my dreams last night and one of the more prominent ‘themes’ that the dreams consisted of. During my dream(s) last night I had two occasions where I ended up becoming frustrated and angry, where there was this king of energetic rage that emerged from within me that I then acted on/out. I found/find this interesting because this is not a point which I have been noticing within my ‘waking like’ So in a way am surprised by the content so to speak of the dreams. In one scenario I was cleaning up garbage and there were a group of us doing this, and there was also a deadline in place, like we had to get it all done, now as I cleaned up, one of my bags ripped and the garbage began to spill out all over the place – Fascinating what I see now as I write this point out, is the garbage represents the inner self, what is on the inside, that which is hidden, and suppressed, and not seen, because as the garbage spilled out of the bag, it was noticed that I had placed a few things in the garbage that were in a way placed there in haste, and in not really considering points of common sense. In my house that I am living in right now, we have a place where we are supposed to place the recycling. I have been finding that I at times just through stuff in the garbage because I have defined recycling as a ‘waste’ of time, and not practical, so instead of taking the time to sort out what goes where in terms of recycling, I simply just throw it in the trash. Also because I am new to the house so often no one is around to direct me to the what goes where so I simply just throw the stuff in the garbage. Although I noticed that each time I do this, I experience an energetic charge. One point is guilt, where I see that in those moments of simply just throwing something in the garbage, I am being ignorant, and simply not taking the time or consideration to just investigate for myself the recycling system they have in place because I am sure that if I just put in that “extra effort” that I could actually figure it out, and place the garbage in the necessary piles. So the guilt is related to believing that I am being dishonest. That I am not doing “the right thing” by not recycling everything, and that I am “not taking others into consideration. I also have built up quite a belief system about recycling being useless, not practical, poorly organized, and something that people who are mind controlled do and that they are actually not aware of the implications or are in understanding of what the “action of recycling” actually implies or entails, but that they simply do it because they “believe” it is “good for the environment” and that if you don’t do it, “you are bad”  So part of my energetic reaction/experience which comes up in relation to recycling is that I actually see myself as bad where in I have also formed a belief that recycling is “good” and that if I don’t do it I am being harmful to the environment. Or simply that if I don’t do it, I am actually ignoring the obvious common sense of recycling, and then justifying it by “claiming it is of no use” when in fact it is obvious common sense to recycle. So Part of the point is actually “not knowing” actually what the outflow/consequence of recycling or not is, and in fact if it is “Best for All”. The other point within this is that I often just simply throw stuff in the Garbage because I don’t want to spend the time investigating the point, because I am too busy, as if I do not have time for it, like something I have been “putting off” so to speak, or procrastinating on. Obviously, because it represent a point that Is still directing me from the perspective of that “ I do not understand all of the implications of it” Or have even taken the time to consider, or do research on. Some people are insistent on it! And this is another point within my experience of recycling. It is the rules of the house. And within myself I experience a kind of contempt at or towards those for enforcing a “rule” so vehemently but they themselves do not actually understand, and this content kind of emerge from within me for following rules simply to please other. So from this perspective the ‘contempt’ and frustration I can look at in relation to myself where in I am frustrated with myself for allowing myself to blindly follow rules simply to please the others, and satisfy the accepted standards of the system. So I see within this a point of blame where I am still harbouring resentment, like an inner anger, aggression, hostility towards “the system” for implementing arbitrary rules which actually not based in understanding and then enforcing these rules as if they are actually TRUE, and then insisting that they are true, regardless of if they are not, and in this whole process, simply ‘wasting’ the time of myself and the members of this world, by enforcing/imposing rules that actually enslave the human being into spending there time here on earth doing arbitrary acts to satisfy some “rule” which is not even based in common sense – I mean – What the fuck – Our time on this planet is limited, and I simply don’t want to spend my time doing something that in fact is not required to do as measure of equal and one life support in what is best for all. Because from a certain perspective then it is actually a point of suppression not expansion, where the act of recycling is a point of self suppression and life suppression – which everyone seem to believe is actually “supporting the planet and environment” I mean this planet is so fucked at the moment – What the fuck is the point of recycling, So we can make more useless consumer products so the individual can perpetuate their enslavement through supporting products which actually harm life in their creation and  function. The Act of Recycling is actually an Act of Ignorance, because human beings DO NOT actually know or understand how recycling actually work, and how it actually support the planet, or if it even is – What are we perpetuating through recycling and wanting to save anyways – our current way of living.  Who implemented recycling? Is it really an act in what is best for all – Or is it “worth it” – not to save the environment but because it is cheaper for corporations to recycle than to in fact extract the resource from the earth.  The Question – Is recycling an equality equation of 1+1=2 accumulating to what is best for all? Does anyone actually really understand the process of recycling or are you simply doing it because you “Believe” it is good for the environment, and then enforcing that “belief” which is actually ‘ignorance’ upon others, because you see yourself as “doing good” or being “a good citizen” Recycling is MIND –CONTROL, because no one actually really knows why they recycle, and what the act of recycling actually implies. I read an article which I will post here which at the end states “waste is a design flaw” – This is actually a pretty cool point because this is indicating that we have gotten the whole equation wrong and actually refer to the very beginning as the “Flaw” so to speak – I Agree – We must change the starting point, not just of recycling but of the entire system – so that if Supports All life equally and is what is best for ALL – Recycling as it currently exist is simply an outflow of a system that does not have the best interests of ALL in mind.

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