MONEY = The True ARTIST of this World – And a New EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM

Artistic Expression in this world is absolutely limited. Why? – Money. We are Slaves to the current money system and our expressions are also a product and are dependant, shaped and formed by this money system.

Originality does not exist, as everything is Dependant on Money.

If you look at Artists in the Past compared to Now – It is obvious that our skill level to express ourselves within painting and drawing is decreasing at a rapid pace. We claim that now we use video and technology to express ourselves – Yet one have to ask the question – How much of that ‘choice’ of Media is determined through MONEY, what people pay for, or what people want to see, and again, which equals ultimately, what they will pay for.

There is not one single Original Artist in this world. Everyone and their apparent unique expressions are determined, and considered within the requirements and parameters of money. The Fucked up part is that Artists – the supposedly ‘creative’ ones in this world are not able to see this! That in fact the only True Artist in the World is Money. Meaning Money express itself as Money, As a Self Expression of itself. We as human beings do not – We do not ‘Self’ Express – That would mean placing ourselves as the starting point of our expression and actually do what we want to do. Currently We Money-Express, And this is what we call and define as Originality.

That is Why I Stand up and Support an Equal Money System, Because I am interested to see what Art looks like as a self expression.

Within an Equal Money System, for example an Individual who wish to express themselves in Art will have the opportunity to do so from the perspective of SELF expression. Where Money will not Influence what they do, or express from the perspective of they will not have to concern themselves with the point of having to SELL the work to be able to make money to lIve, or from a different angle, they won’t have to concern themselves with “spending to much time doing something that doesn’t bring in any money” which will cause them to not be able to pay rent or buy food.

What we accept as an Artistic Expression today is Absolute limitation. We can do better, although within our refinement of ourselves so to speak, we require a NEW WORLD SYSTEM and NEW MONEY SYSTEM that rather than place individuals in a position where their very survival is at risk when they are born onto this planet, It place beings into a position where they are SUPPORTED!. This is Common Sense. That  one should not have to fight and struggle their way through life, because the system that WE HAVE PUT IN PLACE has specific rules and regulations that WE HAVE CREATED OURSELVES. THUS – We must RE-CREATE our Current World and Economic System to one Founded in Common Sense – Where we create a System which has ‘rules’ so to speak – that SUPPORT ALL INDIVIDUALS that are born onto the planet where ALL CAN LIVE A DIGNIFIED LIFE.

Its Not – Just the way things are and there is nothing we can do about it. Its an actual system that we as humanity have created, and implemented over time which now currently exist, and that this system, that we have created – Was simplistically, Not in the BEST INTEREST OF ALL. So the Principle in Establishing a New Money and World System, will be done so from the starting point of EQUALITY – Where ALL beings are considered, and what is best for All is the foundation of the new system. That is Common Sense.

So for an Apparent Evolving Race of Individuals Let’s Form and Create a Planet that Supports Expression – Let’s Stick to the Common Sense that we can all now see within,  How NOT to create a World System. There is no need or requirement to repeat the past – Let us ‘move on’ so to speak from this – All information around an Equal Money System can be found at  So lets educate ourselves on what we require to do to make this world a dignified life for ALL and a Dignified life for the Children and those we are currently bringing into this world.

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