Why I Stand for and Support a New World Economic System based on Equality for All.

I am at the moment in the midst of a “painting trip” I got my BFA in Fine Arts and have worked at times during my life as an Artist. As mentioned I am currently busy with a painting trip. This is period of about two weeks that I have ‘set aside’ strictly for making artwork. During this two week art excursion I am/will be focusing specifically on the creation of Landscape Paintings. I quite enjoy the process of painting and making art, and am grateful for this ‘opportunity’. An opportunity, of course, afforded by money. An opportunity that not ALL individuals within this world have access to, even if they wanted, could not chose to do, because the world system, the money system, does not support those individuals equally, but rather allows for a kind of “too bad for you” “loophole” if you will, where many individuals find themselves, not at all supported by “the system” but are left out to dry so to speak, to fend for themselves, and scrape and scrounge for money or food to attempt to survive, not to mention millions in starvation, and extreme poverty. You see, my ‘opportunity’ to make art is unique in this world. I live in a country that has money, food, and the necessary resources to have supported the decisions I made to become an artist. I live in a country where after people are finished buying their basic necessities of life, they have money left over for luxuries and entertainment, which can include spending money on Art. Because I find myself in the fortuitous end of the spectrum that has “more than enough” I am able to entertain the idea of making my living as an Artist! Wow – could you imagine – Living as an Artist, what a concept. What a life…but wait…is this fair? Is this equality? That some have the opportunity to live as artists, and many others actually don’t at all in their life, even get the chance to express themselves through making art, because the resources are simply not made available to them in through how this world and its systems, including the money system currently functions. Now I mentioned earlier that I am grateful for my opportunity to spend some time making some art. But what does it mean to live that gratefulness. I might say “I am grateful” but those are just words, empty words, Unless I fill these words with living actions which give the gratefulness its meaning so to speak. This is why I stand for and support and an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. Because within an equal money system ALL beings within this world WILL actually be given the same opportunity as I have been afforded, and am grateful to have, Within an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, Expressing yourself with art will not be a luxury for only a few, but an actual possibility for ALL to try out if they so desire. If you say you are Grateful for what you have in your life – Place this statement into action and STAND for an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM which will give equal opportunity and support to ALL.
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