Money is the SOUL of the Individual

An interesting point has come up of late, On the one hand, you have “this current system” (based in separation/greed/self interest) and on the other hand, you have “A New System” (based in equality/support/bestforall) which is not yet here, but is that which I stand for. As I walk my process in this world each day, I see more and more, the subtleties of “this current system” and how it impacts, shapes, forms, and influences everyone’s lives, particularly relating to the point of ‘money’ being a foundational keystone of this current system and this point specifically influence individuals in this world. I find within seeing the extensive degree of influence and control money has, and how it shapes and forms this world in every way, I become more wanting to speak up. Where I find a passion inside of me wanting to BURN this current system to the ground. I have been finding this point coming up allot lately within my Job in seeing how money influence the behaviours, moods, and experiences of everyone within the job. Where ones entire experience of themselves throughout the day is dominantly formed by money, by the influence and role money plays within this world, which essentially, I have found at my job, is the determining factor of whether a persons day is good or bad. Personal Self Expression is no longer being taken into consideration. In fact, That would be a good question for me to ask some of my co-workers. Whether or not they see or understand the difference between an experience of self based in self expression, and the experience of self based in the influence of money. And what people have to say about spending 10 hours a day every day being moved, being animated, by money, as if money is the blood in there veins, is the energy source which propels them through there workly tasks, which moves their arm this way, which pushes them to make this decision or that, in every moment, The accepted ‘life force essence’ of the individual, has become money to such a degree, that they cannot notice or distinguish this “kind of expression” from actual self expression, where one do something from the starting point of enjoyment.
Yet here I am, participating within this system, as this is the current system in place. Thus, must utilize it at the moment to support myself within this world. But the more and more I participate within it, the more and more I see how this system is not supporting life in a way which support life as self expression, as perfection, as expansion. But rather further and further ‘enslaving’ if you will beings into experiences and expressions of themselves in this world which are now, from my perspective almost entirely void of self and almost exclusively if not entirely those which have money as the soul of this expression or experience. The essence of the experience of a being on this earth is Money.
This is why we require a new money system, to kill the soul of the individual, because at the moment this soul, is money. And equal money system would effectively eliminate this point, so we could “move on” and deal with other points, But until the money point is sorted out, we are ‘stuck’ here. An equal money system would effectively transform the human being, it would rip the soul of the human being, the life essence which is currently money our of the fabric of the human being, Ripping and tearing it out of the centre of themselves, where within an equal money system, the being would/will then only realize the extent of control that money had over them. How it flowed through their veins without them even knowing.

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  1. Cameron

    Thanks Andrew!

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