How I am Standing as the Principle of Oneness and Equality.

How I am standing as the principle of oneness and equality.

I stand as the principle of oneness and equality where in I stand, direct myself, live and express myself within establishing an equal system in this world which support all beings to exist equal in all ways. This means that there requires a new world system to be established. One that will support each and every single individual on the planet, as well as the nature and animal kingdom. At the moment this does not exist, not all beings on this planet are being supported equality, many die daily from starvation or war, animals are actually abused, caged and slaughtered to support the very system we have established for ourselves in this world, this atrocity towards animals being committed to support consumerism, or for the entertainment of man, not considering that animals would prefer to be left alone in their natural habitat, rather than balancing on a ball at the whip of man. I no longer support this system we have created for ourselves in this world. A system that obviously does not consider the animals as equal aspects of life. Man does not even consider itself within equality, but rather exist in a world of competition of survival of the fittest. Where man kill, rape, murder, abuse each other to come out the victor. The one on top. Thus my standing is not in support of the current system, and the current world as how it exist at the moment, but rather, I stand in support of an equal in all ways system. In my stand I direct and apply myself to bring about this change until it is here, no matter what. Within this I make myself visible within this world, and stand within this world as a visible symbol which support equality in all ways. I must become visible as to take the place of the current system which at the moment is that which is visible. One point in establishing and bringing forth of an new world system – A world system that support all equally, giving all beings an “equal footing” upon which to stand is the point of an equal money system. I stand in support of an equal money system. A system where every individual on the planet gets, as a birth right, a set amount of money each month to support them with the basic living requirements from their birth to their death. This amount established will be enough to live on, to always have food to eat and a roof over ones head, and take care of the basic needs a human being has within living in this world. Along side this will be an equal labour system where credits/money can be accumulated by working, where one receive one credit per one hour of work, no matter what job you do.
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The only ones stopping us from establishing a new system that is best for ALL is ourselves. There is no way one can defend a system and a world that so clearly and visibly abuses life. As can be seen anytime one turns on the TV or computer. The system and “way of life” that currently exist is not best for ALL. In order to bring forth a new system, a new way of life, best for all we must stop existing as who we are currently existing and living as. We must from the perspective of “making room” stop participating in our lives and patterns and routines that currently take up all our time, otherwise there will be no room for anything new, just the same thing that has always existed, thus I realized I must give up my life, to establish a new one, that is best for ALL. I Cannot change if I continue to live the same way that I always have. I must actually stop and change how I live, until I transform my old way of living with a new way of living which support equality for ALL. This process will take time, and as we bring in the new system of equality, we must for the time being use the existing system as a temporary bridge until it is no longer required. Thus we cannot all simply stop working at our jobs or using money, that is not practical – it will be an emergence, a transition, and will require a discipline walk until the new system is in place, no matter how long it takes.

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