Comical Sense – BEARTH (Birth) – Earth Yourself Birth Yourself

Comical Sense - Bearth for web



(Earth Yourself Birth Yourself)

Bearth – To ‘Bearth’ yourself, is to stop your mind. Your mind as who you are currently existing as, as thoughts, pictures, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. To STOP yourself completely, so that ‘you’ no longer exist, And you are again, as you were as a child. You were empty. And from HERE, from emptiness, your BEARTH yourself into existence once more. Only this time you do it from the starting point of ONENESS and EQUALITY within the principle of What is Best for ALL is Best for Self. And as you live, you live in the interest of all, and act in the interest of ALL beings on this planet, within this existence. And in this assist and support the transformation of this existence to one where we no longer have to exist within fear, in anger, in sadness, regret, suffering. We transform this existence to where killing each other in the name of money or religion no longer exist. It is to start OVER completely. And to do this, first one must STOP who they currently exist as. As, who they currently exist as, as thoughts, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, feelings, emotions, is tied to, interwoven, intertwined into this world system that currently exist, and so one must stop oneself completely and return to the state of a child – empty. And begin again. And thus you BEARTH yourself. The process of BEARTH begins now, as the process of BEARTH is a walking from this point as who you currently exist as  backwards. Until you are again at zero. Within this you use EARTH as a TOOL to re-birht yourself and re-birth this world into one that supports ALL life equally and no more allow the atrocities that currently exist in this world – war, rape, murder, animal abuse, starvation, this is unacceptable as LIFE.


To stop yourself, to stop your MIND, you utilize earth as a tool to assist and support you to remain HERE, as you STOP participating with who you are, as who you are within and as your mind. And to do this, you focus Here, on the physical, on Earth.  You focus on the practical, on the physical 3d world. That which you can touch. And in this you no longer “go into” your mind, which is yourself, so deeply woven into the fabric of this existence, that is currently not supporting all life equally. But you remain HERE as the pysical earth,  And so you extract yourself, so to speak, from this existence, from your mind.  And EARTH becomes a tool to support you within your extraction, your  stopping participation with your mind – your mind which is currently everything of yourself which you contain and store within your mind. And so you breath and you remain HERE in the physical, you focus yourself on the physical and assist and support yourself to stop yourself from going into your mind, as you are now stopping who you have accepted and allowed yourself and this world to become. And you BEARTH yourself, you STOP yourself as your mind. You APPLY yourself in the physical, you move in the physical. You no longer dwell within your mind, but allow yourself to no longer give energy and attention to your mind, as who you are. You stop You, until you are still – calm,   inside yourself.  And you use earth as a tool to assist and support you to let yourself go, by no longer paying any attention to who you were/are as the mind, but rather place your attention HERE in the moment, in the physical moment within which you exist. And this is how you utilize the physical, the earth, to support you in stopping you as the mind. And BEARTHING yourself as that which support all life equally.



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  1. jozienfokkert

    cool, thanks!

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