Ordinariness in Living


I have been looking at this point of ordinariness.

Where things are just ordinary, and they do not have to be otherwise.

They do not have to be special.

They simply are what they have always been.

I am finding within my experience at the moment it is as if the specialness, is being stripped away. Everything is being stripped away, and things are just ordinary.

Why do things have to be anything other than ordinary.

Who am I within the ordinariness of things

Where am I within the ordinariness of things

Life is ordinary

Existence is ordinary

Everything is ordinary

The birds are ordinary

I am ordinary

There is equality in ordinariness

I built a door today. Why does this day, this moment of building the door, have to be anything different than another day within the context of eternity. Cannot this day, of simply building the door stand equal to any other day within eternity, no matter what happens, no other day, no other event, is more or less important than another.

So why not become ordinary. And live in simplicity. And stop the search for meaning. Nothing has meaning, it does not have to, You do not have to give something meaning for you to enjoy yourself. Giving something “meaning” does not actually change anything, it simply drapes a blanket of ‘meaning’ over that which is actually here, which is equality, ordinariness. Each moment, the same as the next.

I mean, is not what is here “good enough”

How have we reached the point where we are not able to appreciate what is here as the simplicity of itself. What is here, without trying to add something to it to make it more, more interesting, more stimulating.

Within ordinariness nothing then is placed out of reach where in you define it in such a way that it is special, or ‘more than’ what is simply here as ordinary as all that is the moment. For instance, ‘God’, God is a meaning. God is a blanket we have placed over the ordinary to attempt to make it special, without actually ever even appreciating that initial point of simplicity as what is here. We have gone and pushed “god” over our existence in an attempt to make it special, to occupy ourselves, to stimulate us. Trying

to give ‘more meaning’ to than what is here in the moment as we live. And thus “god is out there” is separated, is created as something apparently ‘more’ than ordinary.  And how does one expect to embrace something like “god” for instance, something so apparently all knowing, if one is not able to fist embrace the simplest point that is here. If one is not able to embrace life in it simplest form so to speak, how is it that we expect ourselves to be able to handle anything more than this – Thus I see for myself that I must begin with the simple, with the ordinary of existence in that which is already here as itself and nothing more than just itself as it is. And require nothing more than this.

In ordinariness, there is no god, because there is nothing that is not ordinary,  thus, nothing  is more than what is here in the moment, already. there is nothing to live ‘for’ as all things are already here  in this moment, and will not change from the perspective that nothing will ever be more.

So for me it is a letting go of wanting things to be more, and attempting to make things be special, or trying to give things  meanings, or importance. Rather it is to live within the ordinariness of things. Here, all things are equally special, Are equally important, are equally ordinary. The ordinariness of life is equality of life.

It is a simplification of myself, where I do not require some meaning or special thing to live, but am fulfilled, within the ordinariness of each moment. Living life in simplicity, and realizing that within the simplest form of myself I must be satisfied, I must love myself, absolutely, completely, within the’ smallest’ point, because it is me after all.


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5 responses to “Ordinariness in Living

  1. this post is totally ordinary

  2. Martijn

    this is a solution for me, because I notice that thinking of certain activities to be special, generates anxiety, a rush.
    thanks a lot

  3. Actually, Andrew, I fear for you. I’m no philosopher or theologian, but I do think the mind is a powerful thing that we have control over. If you start telling yourself that nothing means anything and nothing is special, you may come to believe it. And I respect your right to do that to yourself. You know, Dubuffet got to the point where he couldn’t believe in anything. He said we are all turds. How sad. I love his work, but he went over the edge. He couldn’t get back.
    I never want to get to the point of losing my sense of wonder in the world and life. We are miracles. Life is more than we ever can imagine.
    Like I said, you have the right to have your own beliefs, and I respect that.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I believe it all starts with God. We didn’t just dream Him up. He dreamed us up.
    Forgive me for intruding in your space. I meant well. Kevin

    • the point is is you define nothing as special, nothing as more important than the next thing, then all things are equal, all things are equally special.

      why not stand equal to god
      rather than below him

      Can you stop your mind in this moment so that there is silence and then remain that way for as long as you like – or does mind actually just start going again – thus we actually at this moment are not in control of our minds.

      I would say there should be nothing that anyone fears losing, because than that thing has power over you and determines your experience in the moment, even it is ‘a sense of wonder’ that one fears losing.

  4. I mean take art for example – many people struggle with drawing the hands for example, because when the time comes, THEY DEFINE the hands, as ‘hands’, which makes it difficult to draw, rather than just having it be lines like every other part of the body.

    I used to draw people allot in coffee shops, I found if there was a girl there that I found attractive, that the drawing would never work out – it would not flow. When i stopped seeing the subject as beautiful or special, the drawing would flow again

    Interesting that this came though in the drawings – when I see the cup as equal to the face, or the background, or the hand equal to the shoulder – the drawing would work

    in other words – when all parts were equal, or ordinary, the entire thing would flow – And actually the drawing itself would have much more ‘impact’

    Im finding now,that, that’s not to mean that I am not able to specify certain parts of the drawings, and bring them out more, to have certain parts stand out. Its just to say that when I have an idea about something, it, in a way, becomes more than my ability to draw it, and I am unable to move through that point, normally, I get stuck on it. Because I am stuck on the idea – Having an idea about something is the same as seeing something as special.

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