Morning or Mourning

Mourning = Waking up in the mourning within an experience of regret from the day before, for not having lived the day before. For giving up, the day before. Where there exist a regret towards yesterday, because “I didn’t do enough” because “ I wish I had done more”. This is what ‘Mourning’ is, wanting back the past, wanting to do it over, and instead of letting go of the past, you hold onto that wanting, and wishing you would have done it differently. Thus existing in ‘Mourning’

Morning = Starting new, starting over from the beginning. Giving yourself the opportunity to start over rather than walking within regret from the day before. You take care of today, because that is the only place you have any power. In today. Because today is here to be lived so that at the end, you do not regret your day. So ‘Morning’ is starting new and starting fresh. Not starting in debts from the day before. Morning is Forgiving yourself for yesterday, for what could have been, and letting go, and giving yourself the opportunity to walk the way you want to walk today, so that tonight you do not regret not living the way you wanted to. So when your awake, it is not ‘a-wake’

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