Instant Drawings

I went drawing for about 2 hours today.

When I left, and for the last 3 days now,  a definition of “crazy” i herd once was repeating itself over and over and over in my mind.

Crazy: to do the same thing, and expect a different result!

As I have been looking at illustration as a potential way to utilize my skills to make money/ support myself, i decided that I would make some drawings that were “more illustrative”

More so, I thought it would be cool to explore drawings that perhaps offered subject matter that I would not normally, or haven’t really delved into since getting back into the city.  Rather than head into the parks, I decided that I would go into the heart of the city and make some drawings there – Rather than do long drawings as I was before, I decided to do short quick drawings,  drawing on the fly, if you will – The phrase that popped into my mind…”instant drawings”

So I moved througout the city over a period of 2 hours making quick sketches of what caught my eye.  Rather than sit down and get comfortable as I was doing with my earlier drawings since getting back,  I litterally would not even sit down, but found standing, and sketching, to work just fine.  I prefered today to move from one spot to the next – walking with, and moving with, the pace of the people and drawing as I went along – I found this “instant drawing” approach to actually be pretty cool – where I was able to draw, for example a corner of a table or someing that I found interesting in the moment, where normally I would have simply passed it by as I looked for a comfortable place to sit


Andrew Gable

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