Pushing Through Some Resistance – Drawings!

I did not really want to draw today. I know we all reach these points – where we just don’t really feel like it!

I felt as though I had slipped back a few notches on the ladder of momentum

I was experienceing myself the exact same way I was when I first arrived back in Calgary, and had NOTHING in my sketchbook. Where to begin? I wondered. I experienced a great resistance to starting making drawings in my sketchbook – This lasted for around 3 drawings, where I had to push myself through  a kind of dissatisfaction/unsatisfactory, And Again today I felt as though I was standing in this place once more.

Having to build everything up again.

It was cool to see how the resistance dissipated as I drew.  I noticed my concerns/worries/resistances  were met, and dealt with, and that really, all that was required was an “actual doing” to get through them – An “actual doing” rather than a “thinking or worrying”

I have included some drawings where I have sectioned off the page into 4 quadrents. I wanted to include these examples because I have found this  sectioning off, to be one of the most useful applications I have “picked – up along the way” – I was introduced to this method of sectioning the page off into smaller portions by landscape painter, John Burton, while I attended the “en plen air masters landscape painting workshop in 2007. And have adoped it ever since.

Oh I also included to images showing each half of my face from a self portrait I did becaue i noticed each side looks quite different from the other – In one, I look like my father, and in the other, my mother…interesting.


Andrew Gable

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