Natural Expression – Drawing the Model


I had the opportunity to attend two figure drawing sessions this past week.  It had been a while since i was last drawing from a model and so decided i would re-investigate this process of drawing.

I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing from the model. Earlier that week I had been thinking to myself…”wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just sit still for a moment so I could draw them. This thought emerging out of the process of simply, drawing the passer’s by on the street.

One of the reasons why I have also adopted exploring techniques in Landscape painting and drawing, in that – the landscape does not move as dramatically as the human, and offeres the opportunity to explore your medium in a different way – I have found working with the landscape very supportive as I have been experimenting with my latest drawings using pencil crayon on colored paper.

Interestingly enough – one of my favoite drawings i did this week, came as I was sitting on the street drawing the passer’s by! – I had just boughten a brand new burnt sienna pencil craoyon!!! – woo whoo0….Anyways, I thought I would get a feel for the color by making a quick drawing as I waited for the bus to figure drawing.  “The first drawing of the day”  I explained to a man who asked to see what i was sketching. ” To losen up”  and “get the feel of the pencil on the paper”

The night before I had attended my first session with the model and spent about three hours drawing (with breaks in beetween) I found the application of drawing the night before assisted much the next day as I nonchalontly sketched ‘the passers by”  My observation was stronger and I was able to move much quicker with much less effort and strain.

As I draw – this is my goal – I am looking for that natural expression of  drawing.  And I find that the more drawings I do, the more natural my expression becomes in that, that which I strained to draw before now is rendered without thought or hesitation, as if it is nothing, as if it is natural, easy.  I find I enjoy the experience of drawing and painting much more when it becomes natural. When I do not have to think about it, When I do not have to strain to create an image – I mean, don’t get me wrong – I have done my fair share of straining (in fact, last week i gave myself a headache as I attempted to filter through what i was seeing onto the page – no more filtering – just draw, I told myself afterwords) So, I have done  Enough straining , to realize that straining is not an expression i would wish to perpetuate – In actuality, i find my interest and observations about working “naturally” Naturally come to me. It just makes sense.

So to sum up – I found the two figure drawing sessions were nice to push this point about natural expression – looking at what is the best way for me to create images – where I dont kill myself in the process, but that if becomes about flow – I am finding that the best way to do this – is to just draw naturally, now! That its not something that I have to “build up to” but that if I want to draw naturally – then simply start now – embrace the process of getting to know my medium – and jsut keep it flowy.

Within this I find i can breath as I work,  and just draw some shit!

Andrew Gable

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