Sketchbook Stories – April 7

Sketchbook Stories – April 07

I left the house at around 9:30am this morning. It was a little chilly and I went to get a coffee. I also applied for a job while in the coffee shop, so waited around to have a brief meeting with the manger – I found I had all the answers to her questions only after I left the shop.

My first drawing only lasted about 5 minutes before the bus showed up…I then continued working on the drawing as i sat on the bus – exploring the use of pencil crayons on the washed paper – I knew that I wanted to keep it as observational as possible but I found just playing around on the paper attempting to finish off some areas on my first drawing while the actual subject was long gone behind me which I left when i got on the bus


I then moved right from this drawing – seeing as how I had all my materials out and I was busy drawing anyway into drawing I few heads on the bus – again exploring how the pencil crayon works on the prepared paper surfaces.

I thought getting effective with drawing was much like fishing – Those who catch the most fish, I bet, have their hook in the water the most – thus, I am working on getting my pencil on the paper as much as possible. involved in the actual process of drawing – this I find is really the only way – the bottom line when it comes to wanting to build up drawings skills – or catch fish…..

Off the bus I headed into the heart of the city – it was cold because the tall buildings were blocking any sun from getting in.  So I sought out a sunny spot and began drawing the passers bye – I found there was too much movement for me at that stage. I still was/am in the process of seeing how my pencil crayons work so in a way drawing people walking around wasn’t really suiting what I was wanting to do – which is become effective in my color work with my pencil crayons on the colored paper


I found with drawing the people simple line drawings seemed more appropriate and I was looking more at developing a painterly technique which is applying blocks of color and establishing/building a drawing that way – I then went for lunch – I said “medium” spicy, but next time I will get mild! –

After lunch I decided that I would head toward a park area where there is less activity and movement – or rather where the movement is slower. This way I can take my time with my drawings.

The first drawing I made was of some trees with the buildings in the background – what drew me to the scene was the blue of the buildings which set a background for the entire setting – I had pencil crayons falling all over the place by the time I finished the drawing.


I find that I usually figure out what I am doing as I go along – And much of the time if not all, I find i establish how I am going to layout the drawing only after Ive started – so for me, when im unsure, I just keep it simple and START.

So as mentioned I had way to many pencil crayons going with this drawing – but in a way this drawing was preparing me for the next one, which is usually how it goes.

I then gathered my stuff, and stood up to leave looking for another spot to draw. I took about 5 steps and noticed that the table I had been sitting at made a nice subject – so I litterally found my next subject…..or let me rephrase – I was sitting at my next subject already – I just had to take a few steps away from it to realize

I then set out to draw the green table I was sitting at – “SIMPLIFY”


I then walked down to the river and set up to draw the river winding into the distance – The subject stuck out because if its utter simplicity – I have found the simpler I work the more effective the drawing – So the subject also suited the simplicity I was already working at achieving.  In this drawing I only used a few select colors keeping the other pencils in the bag – and choosing to keep the drawing small to further simplify things – overall I was satisfyed with how this one turned out – Just as i finished two Canada Geese flow in to give me a walk bye – they were moving slow enough for me to make a few drawings – I had not time to sort out composition or anything like that – I just drew the geese right there on the page.


The I caught the bus home.

The end.




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