Drawing Session – April 5 – Color

Today I went out to do more drawings.  I ended up using colored pencil because I was finding that the graphite from the pencils was smudging to easily on my page – so I decided to use my pencil crayons because they smudge much less.  So I began using color! Again I was keeping it simple for the most part using the colored pencil how I would normally use a pencil – not too much mixing of colors, but rather just using basic colors within an application where still much of the white paper shows through in the end.

I realized also that I am in a way prooving myself wrong – how? – I realized that I believe deep down that i wont actually continue on with drawing, that I somehow won’t be able to do it – I have noticed this experience going on inside of me.  So this process of drawing daily that I have undertaken is really a point of pushing through resistances, fears, and beliefs i have about what is apparently going to happen in my world.

In fact I have found a great resitance to this project and actually have never really gotten back into art since I stopped doing it “seriously” in 2007.

But for now I will keep it physical, and trust the physical – meaning – I will simply continue to draw to make physical drawings and work with that.  And I will continue to apply myself in this matter – no matter how much resistance there is.

It was nice to get into some color use today – I started out with making a few sketches on the bus. Just to get things started. eventually taking a seat by the river and then in a park to draw the trees.

I am looking into figure drawing classes at the moment to get back into drawing the figure which I have always found to be nice.

But for now here are the drawings I did today – April 05

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